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Dead or Alive?

I techinally got kicked out of my house last night. I don't know whats happening, I talked to my Nan this morning and well, they want me to be 'nicer'. I didn't even do anything last night and my gran-dad told me to fuck off. I'm sick of his attitude towards me and well, I've given them a choice -

1. I stay till march, I look for a full time job once I return from Lisa's in Sweden, and move out as soon as possible, unless of course they still think they cant support me through two years of college.

2. I go to Sweden this week, move my stuff out of theirs and start looking for a full time permanent job whilst over there, then I move back to england, find a place to live and start attempting to live on my own.

I'm leaving my job by april because I cant survive as I am now, though I'm needing alot of money now. I can't stand living in the front room with no privacy at all, and I seem to be growing ever more depressed by the day. I really hate how shits getting me down.

I'm losing interest in D&D and I'm praying for a fairly decent WoD or V:TR game to start thats similiar in style to the V:TM group run at the old ship monthly, I've been reading the manuals more and more and I feel like creating a city with all the supernatural forces vying for power, but in different ways. I'd need to find interested people and also put together a group of experienced storytellers. A mean feat in itself.

I've lost interest in alot of Clubs, I've been going to the Black Horse to let off steam, but once it closes (if it does), I'm going to stop clubbing all together. I'm off to the Peel in future for my beer, and I'm likely to just go to concerts or chill out on the weekends to play D&D or WoD.

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