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A year on...

Well, I left the bar job with the over jealous barmaid, lol.

Requiems still going good. Been having some amazing games with alot of friends and I've been involved in alot of the behind the scenes stuff for the games which is really eye opening and fun.

I've recently moved to sweden for five months for those that don't know. Mostly due to heal reasons (I was suffering from depression, stress and my hair was starting to fall out due to it). Working in a bar by yourself is not fun and I don't recommend it unless the pay and the perks of the job are great.

I've loved and lost this year.

I found out not so long ago that a good friend of mine (Barnaby) died this year. It was a stupid accident, but I can honestly say I'll miss him. I had some great times with him.

I've recently re-affirmed two friendships this year, one with David, a guy I feel out with over his ex girlfriend and lots of rumours back when I was in college (three years now since I left... man I feel old!) and with my best mate Steev, the best drinking buddddy a guy can have.

Theres alot of girls from my past I hope to catch up with and maybe become friends with again, but then I don;t put much hope in that idea knowing how much of an asshole I can be.

I'm looking to post alot of pictures of friends and places here soon. I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to take pictures of people so I can remember them when they're gone.

Anyway, thats my start to my shitty journal.


(Too much Diablo 2 makes me cranky)
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